Audio Conferencing

Own a Virtual Audio Bridge:

Every functional owner in an enterprise can own a virtual conference bridge. The owner gets a permanent Conference Code and Dial In Number which gives him the convenience of conducting a conference for project updates, partner meetings and other such applications anytime, anywhere without any prior reservation. Some other capabilities of this service include:

Separate access codes for chairperson & participant - Ensures exclusive rights to the chairperson to control the conference using commands like conference lock, lecture mode among others. This feature also helps maintain safety & security of conferences and allows the chairperson to change passwords as well.

Conference Lock – To prevent the admission of new or unknown participants; a chairperson can lock the conference. Lecture Mode – Giving training or addressing all participants is very easy now! With a simple command the chairperson can mute all participants & get into a lecture mode.

No conference without chairperson – The conference will start only when the chairperson joins alternatively you can opt for the 'quick start' feature which enables you to start the conference with out the chairperson. Private Roll Call – Allows checking attendance of participants in a conference

Other Features –

  • 1. Conference Record
  • 2. Chair Hang
  • 3. Reservation based conference
  • 4. Mute – Group/Participant
  • 5. Operator Assistance during Conference
  • 6. CGlobal Event Call Service
  • 7. Private Participant Count

Tariff is Based on Minimum commitment /Usage /Traffic. Pl call on 9325605544 or mail to satish@puneisp.com for quote.