Corporate Mailing Solution

  • 1. Customized Mail Box size: The webmail Administrator has full control over the number of email ID's that can be created and also control the size of the mail boxes (mailbox quota). Minimum mail space per user is 1GB
  • 2. Anti-Virus enabled: Latest in Anti-Virus software is installed on the email server hosting BizMail+ providing complete protection from potential virus attacks.
  • 3. Anti-Spam Filters: BizMail+ has built-in Anti-Spam software for blocking unwanted email (spam). Apart from that, users can block particular email ID's from their Mail ID settings panel.
  • 4. Private Label Branding: BizMail+ interface can be customized to include custom colors and company branding (Logo). BizMail+ administrator has full control over customization settings and can change settings as often as required.
  • 5. Group Mail, Catch All Account.
  • 6. Attachment: The highest attachment limit in prevailing Mail Solutions, it gives you up to 50 MB attachment.

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