Dedicated Internet Lease Line - Hot Offers

Leased line wired circuit provides internet connectivity through wired circuits on copper and fiber connectivity’s. Wireless Circuits on UBRS also available with uptime guarantee on SLA Advantages of leased circuit.

  • 1. The most reliable connection with Service Level Agreement
  • 2. Bidirectional internet access at guaranteed speeds
  • 3. Guaranteed bandwidth and 99% service levels
  • 4. 8 IP’s or more

Dedicated Internet Lease Line
2 MBPS 1:1 Internet Lease Line Rs 1,50,000/- pa
4 MBPS 1:1 Internet Lease Line Rs 2,60,000/- pa
10 MBPS 1:1 Internet Lease Line Rs 6,50,000/- pa

* Installation and Service tax charges extra applicable for above two links. For other nations please Call or email us.