MPLS is a development by the Internet community. It seeks to combine the flexibility of the IP network layer with the benefits provided by a connection-oriented approach to networking. MPLS is a Multi protocol label-switched network solution using the principle of separating control from data transfer.

This architecture enables MPLS to use a range of different forwarding methods system that can carry multiple network layer protocols. MPLS sends information over a wide area network (WAN) in frames or packets. Each frame/packet is labeled and the network uses the label to decide the destination of the frame. In an MPLS network we can define explicit paths or let IP routing decide the path.

Organizations which requires their ERP servers, mailing servers etc to be connected on private network can go for MPLS VPN. Most of the banks use MPLS network.

Budgetary Pricing

Location Bandwidth Pricing
Head Office – Hub Location 6 MBPS Rs 5,00,000/- pa
Branch 1 - Spoke Location 2 MBPS Rs 1,70,000/- pa
Branch 2 - Spoke Location 2 MBPS Rs 1,70,000/- pa
Branch 3 - Spoke Location 2 MBPS Rs 1,70,000/- pa

Hub and Spoke [ any to any ] or only Point to Point Can be configured in MPLS VPN Set up.